Happy Halloween but watch for the spooks that walk among us

Halloween ghosted by last week, and gave me quite the scare. I was tricked by a canny costume: idiots playing with fire disguised as rational, thinking people. Maybe I should specifically add that they were costumed as rational, thinking drivers. Yes, I was involved in a car accident, a chain collision except that I broke the chain, managing to stop several feet behind a large SUV that obscured any chance of seeing why he stopped short so suddenly. But I did manage to keep from an anal meeting of the cars. Not so the idiot behind me who pounded my bumper, then, likewise belted by the idiot behind him, smacked me again. Naturally idiot one turned out to be a liar also, telling me that he,d stopped in time, only hitting me when hit by idiot #2. Stopped but hit me twice because you were rear ended once? I don’t think so. Eventually it all gets sorted out, despite the car that started the chain reaction taking off while no one was looking. Smart ghoul, eh?

So the insurance companies sort it out, money gets paid, my car gets a new bumper and some paint, but wont really be the same, if only because I know. And if I sell it, when I’m asked, “Has the car ever been involved in an accident….

The night serves as a reminder: once again, we see how fragile is life: a matter of luck and timing. Had I stayed in the middle lane, and not switched into the left lane to be ready for the left turn coming up in 2 lights, tucking in just behind the white SUV…

Had I stopped to get the mail before leaving, or had I not stopped to get the mail…Mere seconds, maybe nano seconds, determine whether we get the bullet or it speeds by on its way to another tragedy.

Fortunately no one was killed, or maimed this night. But at the close of Halloween all the kiddies take off their costumes and eat their chocolates ‘n chips, and go to bed. However, the ghouls are still out there, still disguised as human beings while driving mad, or shooting people, or cheating them, or maybe depriving them of their rights, and you never know when fate’ll bring you face to face with one of them. And when it does, remember – they only appear human, but peel away the human disguise, and you’ll see the real monsters that walk among us.


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